25th of November

3 Reasons Your Business Needs An App

Regardless of your business type or size, creating an optimised mobile app can encourage interaction between the business and your customers. Collectively Australians typically look at their phone over 440 million times a day. They typically heavily engage on public transport on the way to work, are checking it within 15 minutes of waking and continually check throughout the day.

Imagine if your business was one of those things they checked, how would that impact your customer engagement and overall business ROI? By not including your business in the mobile app world, it is a lost opportunity to connect and maintain a presence in your customers lives.

If you need further encouragement, here are three main benefits to getting your business an app.


#1 – Build your Brand!

Apps are blank canvases that provide an opportunity for your business to experiment. Design something truly unique that your customers will love and that will set you apart from the competition. Every business knows their customers’ hot spots, that area they are the most engaged on. It might be discounts or certain products, or it could be a certain trait or topic. Consider creating your app around that hot spot to optimise your customer engagement with the brand. Not only will it be something your customers use, but it will also become something they love.

Just ensure it is obviously branded with your business. One of the fundamentals of advertising states that person needs to be exposed to a brand or message around 20 times to make an effect and cause a response. With the sheer number of times people look at their phone, an engaging mobile app is one of the most effective ways to reach customers.


#2 Improve Engagement

A mobile app will also provide your business with more data-driven insight into your customers. An app can provide demographic information, where they from, how often they view the app. Your business can also open direct lines of communication between customers and the company by adding a feedback section. Now your app is also feeding information back into the business with specific and valuable information about your customers.


#3 The Direct Marketing Method

Consider the benefit of having a mobile app to provide information to your customers regardless of the time or day. This level of consumer engagement can prove invaluable for creating loyal and repeat customers. With notifications, you can continually re-engage your customers, reminding them about certain products or services at key times. If they leave something in the shopping cart, with an app you can remind them to come back and finish the purchase.

While creating a true app, with all the native programming is the most preferred option for customer engagement, if your business wants to avoid the initial expense of an app there is another option. Web apps are a hybrid technology that creates a wrapper for your website that as an alternative to a traditional app. To ensure you create the solution that best matches your business consult an agency that specialised in both areas. At One Stop Media, we provide web development for Melbourne businesses and our specialised knowledge in app development ensures our clients always receive the best solution for their needs.


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