4th of February

4 Of The Biggest Challenges Business Copywriters Face

Writing for a living is one of the most interesting jobs one can have. It allows the writer to learn new information about the world on a daily basis and gives a sense of freedom most other jobs do not offer. However, being a copywriter for a business organization isn’t as glamorous as most people think it is. Here are a few challenges business copywriters have to face throughout their career.

Everyone is a writer

This is the most common and most frustrating challenge that writers have to deal with. People tend to assume that the job you do is something that can be done by anyone. They don’t see the amount of work that needs to be put in to write a single article. Only writers understand the fact that this is a skill that improves with practise.

Due to this reason, writers tend to be overlooked in their workplaces and not given the due recognition by their peers.

Isn’t there a better word for this?

It is very rare that a client is satisfied by the first draft that you present to them. They will come to you with a hundred changes in mind. Sometimes, even when they know that the work they received is of acceptable standards, they would simply just ask “Isn’t there a better word for this?”

The only way to handle this challenge is to be firm when dealing with the accepting party of the work. If there is room for improvement, the writer should make the effort to make it better. However, in an instance where there isn’t anything to be changed, the writer should communicate this fact to the client in the most polite yet convincing way possible.

Creativity vs Technicality

This is a challenge faced not just by writers, but by anyone in the field of creating marketing content. Most clients want to include all the technical aspects of the products and services they offer in the content that is designed while making it extremely creative.

Only the ones who have to deliver on this request understand how hard putting the best of both, creativity and technicality together is.


Writing isn’t a robotic operation. You can’t speed up the process just because a client wants it a day before the deadline. This fact is easily disregarded by most people.

A writer can only write at a certain speed. They don’t just have to look for information but also think of ways to present in a creative way. They also have to consider other aspects such as originality and reliability. Imposing difficult deadlines on writers will only reduce the quality of the work that they produce.

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