31st of May

5 Ways to Get More Attendees to A Conference

Whether you’re planning a large conference or a small one, you’d want the most people to show up. The below points would help you achieve this. Keep reading.

Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are your best bet. They have massive audiences, so getting them to promote your event would bring the most people to you. Don’t just choose anyone, though. Go for people that have audience demographics that would be the most interested in what you have to offer.

If the conference is going to be virtual, people from all over the world would be able to visit. You can work with influencers from all over then.

Social Media Profiles

You could engage with others online, letting them learn about the conference. Just like you should be careful with the influencers you’ll work with, don’t just waste your time on any social media accounts. Analytical tools would let you know which chunk of the people you want to visit are using.

Create the profiles months in advance. This would inform the most people about your event.

In line with the above point, a website for the conference needs to be created. Once people are on your social media, they would want to learn more. The site would give them all the information they’d need. Remember that first impressions matter. The website needs to look superb.

Interview the Speakers

Why not give people a taste of what they can expect? You probably have many speakers lined up. However, a few would be very major names in the industry. Have exclusive interviews with them and release the clips as the days for the conference get closer.

As mentioned, social media profiles are important. You’d be able to post the clips and advertise on them.

Spend Some Cash

If you want the event to be the most successful, you’ll invest quite a bit in getting people to attend. A sure-fire way to do this is by having giveaways. It would cause thousands of people to learn about what you’ve planned. You can print out flyers as well. The more creative they are, the higher the chances of them being read.

Also, spend some cash on the activities that would take place during the day. By hiring an event technical production services team, you could have memorable and good-looking events during the conference.

Remind Others

For people to show up, you might have required them to register. As the date gets closer, you can issue reminders. This would ensure that the majority of people you invited come.

Speaking of them showing up, announce when the date of the conference would be in advance. Interested people would be able to mark their calendars.

Final Thoughts

As you’re now aware, there’s a lot you can do to create buzz for the conference. Working with social media influencers will get the crowd talking the most. If what you have planned would be virtual and not physical, you don’t have to hire local influencers.


Image: Conference Attendee

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