12th of August

5 Ways to Using Social Media to Build a New Business from Scratch

Social media is a platform which can be used beyond the usual realms thought of usually. A business can be advertised through the social media in ways never thought of before. The World runs on social media these days and it’s a place where a business can reach out to the most targeted people in minimum time without spending much or anything at all. Hiring a social media management company can also prove to have added life long value.

A new business must make use of social media to understand the market, the relevant customers, and the requirements. Social media can be used to interact, transact and share ideas, suggestions, and possibilities for a new business starting from scratch.

Social media can be exhausted at your disposal when you are building a new business from scratch as it gives you a platform to project your services as well as explore, understand and keep a vigil on your competitors.

Check out the 5 ways to use social media to build a new business from scratch:

  • Understand social media audiences

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Whatsapp are some of the most popular social media networks. You have to first understand the target group of your business, products, and services that you offer.

Every social network has different types of people who use it. When you are building your business from scratch, you have to make a blue print and then post a pre-launch message along with some pictures. Keep posting about your services on different social media sites according to the services you provide. The message can remain same but the tone may change according to the site used.

  • Consistency

You should make interesting posts about your business and be consistent in posting your updates. This is a way of keeping people informed how you are growing and will also reflect your dedication. Put across some testimonials, add ideas and also ask for ideas to be shared. This way you can connect to possible customers or clients who will eventually get pulled towards your services.

  • Make use of different social networks in the right manner

Explore each type of social network and try to understand the psychology of the people who are using it. For Facebook, you can post few pictures with a short message, for LinkedIn post a longer and formal message, for Twitter post something short but peppy.

  • Use tools and campaigns which boost your business

Every social network has some features that can highlight and boost your posts. You can take advantage of such tools. You might have to spend a little to reach more audiences using adverts like on Facebook. However, LinkedIn has a feature called Pulse which allows you to post for free and reach the targeted audience. Make use of the various campaigns to promote your business.

  • Explore the social network

Explore the network yourself and try to find groups, communities and appropriate people who might be helpful in the growth of your business. Connect with them, share your ideas and try to implement their suggestions.

These were a few ways through which new businesses can make use of social media. Hiring an agency can also prove to be a great way to get the best out of your marketing campaigns. Marketingquotes.com.au can help you compare.

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