28th of June

6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Modern

Who wouldn’t want to live in a modern house? You don’t have to purchase a new home to enjoy a modern space. There are several things you can do to your existing property, and we’ve talked everything about them below. Let’s get to it.

Brighten Up

If you compare the colour palette in your home to a more modern house’s, you’d see that the modern home would use colours sparingly. Any colours chosen would exclusively have been done to highlight a room. These colours would most of the time be bright, so that they are noticeable.

The furniture in modern homes is not dark either – they’re neutral.

Be High-Tech

The easiest way to bring about a more modern feel would be by installing high-tech equipment. There is so much you could install. Think about charging stations and built-in stereo speakers. An in-depth security system would be great as well. The sky truly is the limit.


Changing up the furniture in your home would help. Buy concrete furniture. The pieces are widely seen in contemporary spaces. What’s great is that you can get them custom built. Anything made from concrete would contrast nicely against softer pieces around the house.

Upgrade Hardware

How old is the property? The faucets and cabinet hardware in place may be old. Even if the rest of the interior looks good, the dated hardware would be sights for sore eyes.

You don’t have to pay much to get new hardware installed. The job wouldn’t take a lot of time to do either – it would take a weekend at most.

Go for whichever faucets and hardware look the sleekest.  To really help them pop, paint your cabinets to compliment them.

While on the topic of replacing anything that’s dated, you should get rid of old light fixtures too.

Look at Your Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings are the worst. They used to be popular 30 years ago, but they’re not in-use anymore. If someone were to walk in and see popcorn ceilings, they’d be able to tell that you’re living in an old house.

Is it hard to remove the texturing from ceilings? It’s easier than you think! You’d first have to get rid of any furniture and uninstall the ceiling fan. Then you’d use a pump sprayer to wet the ceiling. Once you’ve let the water sit for 15 minutes, a scraper can be used to remove the texturing.


Carpets that are wall-to-wall not only hide the beauty of the floor underneath, but their presence makes homes look less sleek too.

Regularly buff the wood or tile you have to make them look more expensive.

Want to make your property feel more modern? All the points we mentioned would help. One of the best things you could do is change up the colour palette of the interior. More modern houses have light tones and neutral coloured furniture. Something else that would help would be placing more tech and purchasing concrete furniture too.


Image Credit: Home Design

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