14th of January

5 Ways to Reduce Employee Absenteeism

No-shows at work are inevitable- emergencies do happen after all. But employee absenteeism is definitely something to keep an eagle eye out for because what if those rare no-show’s turn into a pattern of constant excuses. The productivity loss linked to absenteeism is immense and you don’t want to fall prey to this trap so here are some ways you can go about tackling the problem:

Employee Attendance Policies

Whether you’re a small business made up of 5 employees or have a range of departments under your control, you should establish a method of checking if/when your employees clock in for the day. Put together a policy that outlines unscheduled and scheduled leave, tardiness or any other issues. With an official employee attendance policy in place, you have a lot of solutions for different situations.


If employee absenteeism has been steadily on the rise for your company, you can’t expect this habit to drop overnight. However, you need to be able to enforce your attendance policy each time it occurs. You can’t be empathetic to your employee’s situation each time they pull a no-show and come up with an excuse later. For the first occurrence, you can let them off with a small warning but the second will trigger a more formal review. An employee informing you that they will be late will be far better than a no-show that leaves you wondering if they’re alive but have regulations for each of these scenarios that you inform all employees about.

Root Out the Cause

With some employees you might notice a pattern in behaviour. For example, each week they might show up late on a particular day. This is why having employee attendance tracked and documented is important. With the proof you’ve gathered, go directly to the source of the issue. Ask your employee why they’ve been late or pick particular days for leave etc. You might find that it is a personal factor that is affecting their attendance and by being more informed about your employee’s situations, you can find a way to work around the issue in a way that won’t impact productivity and still keep you and your employee happy.


Your employee’s absence could very well be an indication of their dissatisfaction. It’s entirely possible that they don’t feel recognized at work. Employees that are recognized and receive praise and rewards for great work are instantly more loyal to the company. You need to implement a rewards system to incentivize the employees work and makes them feel like their hard work is paying off.

The Space

Last of all, look around you. How great is your workspace? Ask your employees what they feel is missing in the space. Take a look at more modern work spaces on the Internet and figure out how you could be doing better in terms of your office’s appearance. Hire workplace health and wellbeing consultants who will handle the ergonomics. Do not underestimate the importance of your space in guaranteeing employee satisfaction. If your employee hates the space, how can they enjoy showing up for work?

With these 5 steps you’ll be able to stay on top of employee absenteeism and keep productivity levels in check!

Photo Credit : Bruce Mars

23rd of October

What Should You Know Before An Electrician’s Visit?

If an electrician is about to visit your home, this article will help you get prepared. So, keep reading.

Are They Qualified?

Before they enter your home, you need to make sure you’ve hired the right person for the job. You can ensure this by going through his experience. If he has numerous years in the field, you know you’re in good hands.

Moreover, he should be licensed. This means he’s registered with your country’s body of electricians, ensuring he’s fit enough to carry out electrical work.

Along with this, he must have great referrals. With these at your disposal, you can speak to clients he’s worked with, making sure he knows what he’s doing and does a good job at his work.

Are You Opening Your Home Up?

If you’re careful of your home, not liking when anyone just walks about it, you’re not going to be happy with the electrician’s visit, especially if it was a 24 hour emergency electricians call as they’ll be barging through your home at an odd hour.

Even if it wasn’t an emergency visit, he’ll be moving about your home, away from the area that needs his services as he has to inspect the entire property, gathering as much information about its electrical work as possible.

If you’re the type of person who isn’t comfortable with people walking about your home, you won’t like the electrician doing this so you have to get prepared for what’s about to happen, not restricting his access to certain parts of the home.

Be Willing To Ask Questions

Before the electrician comes about you must be ready to bombard him with as many questions as possible. By questioning him, you can gather information on the extensiveness of the damage at hand, the cost, how long it will take to fix, what you can expect from the fixing and what caused the damage in the first place.

With this done, you’ll be as informed as possible on what’s about to take place, preparing you for the work your electrician is about to do.

Be Willing To Answer Questions

As his work is extensive and dangerous, he needs to approach each task with a plan before he heads to work. He can only do this by gathering as much information from you as possible. That’s why you need to be willing to answer as many questions as possible.

Not only must you be willing to be so open, but you should be well informed about your property and any issues it has had with its electrical work in the past. If you don’t know any of these, get someone you know who is to speak with the electrician, communicating on your behalf.

The information you’re feeding him will let him approach the work as efficiently as possible, giving him a plan that leaves you with a somewhat accurate estimate of its costs and the time period it will take to get the job done.

As you can see, there are numerous things to prepare yourself for before the electrician visits. Hopefully, you found this article informative, heeding its advice in the near future.

Image: Electrician

8th of September

Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Your Business

As an entrepreneur you must also come to terms with the reality that you are bound to mess things up at some point somewhere down the line. However knowing what the mistake are that entrepreneurs tend to make most often, can help you steer clear of them and grow your business in the correct direction. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid when growing your business.

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25th of November

3 Reasons Your Business Needs An App

Regardless of your business type or size, creating an optimised mobile app can encourage interaction between the business and your customers. Collectively Australians typically look at their phone over 440 million times a day. They typically heavily engage on public transport on the way to work, are checking it within 15 minutes of waking and continually check throughout the day.

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29th of January

Making Your Business Official – The Small Things That Count

There are many ways in which you can conduct a business. You can conduct it out of your bedroom or you can conduct it out of the most expensive office, in the most exclusive area in the city. The majority, however, falls somewhere in between the two extremes.

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