3rd of May

Choosing the Right Magazine Subscription for Your Male Friend

Magazine subscriptions have become one of the unique gifts that get passed around for Christmases and birthdays. However, if you choose a magazine that you are interested rather than a one that the gift receiver likes, the purpose of your gift is lost. Here are five tips to help you find the best magazine subscriptions to your male friends or your boyfriends when their birthday is around the corner.

Choose Something that Matches Their Interest

There are plenty of men’s magazines out there that focus on men’s health or lifestyle tips. But your partner or friend may have varying interests. So, the first step is to figure out what they really like. If they are someone who is interested in reading about men’s lifestyle magazines, style tips or if they are interested in where to buy fitness tools or wholesale gym equipment Australia has plenty of men’s lifestyle magazines. But if their interest lies in more general areas such as nature, science or vehicles there are magazines that focus specifically on just these topics. So, find the interest areas first before you go and buy a subscription.

Ask Them about Their Interests

Not everyone is open about their interests. Sometimes people have interests and hobbies that hardly come out during everyday conversations. So, if you are really not sure about their likes a dislike when it comes to magazines, you can simply ask them about it. Instead of buying something that you assume men would generally like, it is better to know for sure. This will give you the chance to choose something that would genuinely make them happy. Sometimes you’ll find that they prefer online magazines or do not read at all. In such cases it is necessary to change your plan and switch to a different gift.

Does He Already Have It

Although magazine subscriptions are rare gifts compared to other present ideas, your partner or friend may already have subscribed to the magazine you got them a subscription of. So, if you really want to give them a subscription, first make sure they do not have it already. Just like finding about their interests, you can ask them about this. Remember that he can have multiple interests when it comes to men’s magazines or magazines in general so you can easily look for something that he does not own.

Think Outside the Box

Just because you are choosing a gift subscription for a boy, do not go with the most common gifts. They would surprise you and like something you never thought they’d like. So, when you are looking for good magazines to get a subscription, do not only focus on obvious topics only. Of course, they may like their cars and sports and other stereotypically male things but they might also have other interests outside these. So be careful when choosing. Choose what they really like instead of what you assume they would like.

Once you know these factors, you can be ready with your magazine subscription gift. Don’t be shy to ask them a couple of questions if you are not sure what areas to focus when choosing your subscription.


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