8th of April

Crafty Post Ideas for Your Design Blog

Blogging is one of the most popular hobbies done by people from almost all walks of life. There is an endless choice of blog niches for everyone that you can write almost about anything that you’re passionate or expert about.

If you’re planning to start a design blog, keep in mind that maintaining it is almost the same as other blog types. First, you should choose a niche where your blog would revolve around – from crafts, interior decor, and anything related to design. Be sure to choose a topic that you know much, not just because it’s popular or trending. This will make your blog more authentic and interesting to read.

It’s normal to run out of ideas when blogging. You only need to refresh and give it some time to get new inspiration for your next blog post. If you’re looking for good blog post ideas for your design blog, here are some of the most interesting ones.


If you’re promoting your shop through a blog, one of the best ways to gain new followers and fans is to host a giveaway post. Gift certificates are the most popular choice since it is versatile and can be used by almost anyone. However, you can be more unique and choose items that don’t need to be fitted. It could be an accessory, gadget, custom item, and many more. Check out calligraphy services in Melbourne to get a beautiful card to go with them.

Feature Products

Featuring products is another good content for blog posts. If you’re doing this kind of content, it is best to post it on a weekly basis. You could also have a theme on what kind of products you’re going to feature. Be sure to contact the seller first if you’re planning to feature their products into your blog. Since you’re promoting their product in a way, they would be glad to promote your post in return.

Sneak Peek

If you’re creating an artwork or any craft or design project, one way to keep the interest of your followers is to post a sneak peek of what you’re doing. You could share some photos of your work in progress so that they will be interested to see the finished product soon.

Free Patterns or Tutorials

Many design bloggers sell their patterns or design ideas. However, it is also a good way to catch more new followers if you share some stuff for free in your blog. Your blog would totally get new followers especially those people who are still new to that stuff since it gives them something to practice on. As they progress in their crafty skills, they might even be a regular fan of your shop or blog.

Guest Posts

Asking fellow bloggers to do a guest post in your blog helps expand your audience reach. It could be a tutorial, advice, techniques, or anything related to their expertise.

Blogging is a great tool in promoting your business or even just as a hobby. There are still plenty of blog post ideas out there. Just be creative and explore all the options that you have.


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