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Features to Add in Your Modern Home

If you want a change of living space, house remodelling is one of the solutions available for you. If you want your house to reflect the trends of design and architecture, adding new features or changing old layouts can help.  It can also make your house look new and keep up its looks, functionality and property value. Keep reading to find out some of the most common features of modern houses that you can consider for your home.


Minimalist houses are the trend in the architecture world these days. Modern houses only allow things that are functional and useful. This does not mean that you are to get rid of decorative pieces and keep only the furniture and equipment you use. It means that you stop hoarding items, increase floor space, use monochrome palettes (often black or white) and have ample lights that can make it look bigger and spacey.

Industrial Look

There is a certain charm in using industrial materials in houses. These materials such as steel, glass, and concrete can give your house the look of a rustic but urban chic vibe. This is quite a contrast from the traditional house of wood and brick and therefore can make your house stand out.

Some of the ways to add industrial features to your current home are by adding open spaces, bare tubes and pipes, bringing in vintage decoration pieces and concrete or metal stairs. Start looking for architects Melbourne have many companies you can meet and get your remodelling requirements complete.

Less Ornamentation

According to architect Adolf Loos, using ornamentation makes a house lose its value as decoration and ornamentation styles changes with time. Most modern houses follow this principle, keeping living spaces devoid of intricate and too vibrant decoration.

However, a certain level of ornamentation is necessary to keep your house looking personalised, lived-in and cosy instead of empty and bland. For this, you can try pieces such as mirrors, potted plants, abstract paintings, metal art, monochrome rugs are some decorations you can use.

Flat Roofs

Another one of the most prominent features that make modern homes stand out and recognisable is the use of a flat roof. Modern houses are known for their flat and simple lines that add to their minimalism. Therefore, these houses come with a flat or low-pitch roof as opposed to the sloped roofs in your traditional architectural styles.

Flat roofs also come with a couple of benefits such as low construction and repair costs. So if you are planning on repairing your roof, why not try to replace it with this design that can be added to your house with minimal costs?

Open Floors

Another feature to consider is the open floor plan. Since these houses are built around simplicity and a spacey outlook, they try to avoid walls whenever necessary. For example, the living room and kitchen will not have a wall in-between to separate them.

Instead, they will be differentiated by their furniture arrangement or different lighting. This feature increases the lighting in spaces and can make even smaller spaces look larger. When remodelling, this is something you can easily incorporate by removing already existing partitions.

Some of these features can be easily added to your house, some of them may not be due to the already existing structure of the house. So be sure to consult architects and interior designers before proceeding with your project.


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