5th of August

Fun Design Concepts for Your Exterior Space

Whether you’re building a new house, moving to one or even simply refurbishing your current one, remember never to omit to provide your outdoor space equal attention when it comes to planning and designing. Just like the interior of your house, the exterior also deserves to glow and be of great function rather than simply exist. If you’re maintaining a beautiful garden this does not mean you tear it down, it simply means you work around it to give the space a purpose and enhance the look.

Your outdoor space is known to be one of the cosiest spots at home, especially during good weather conditions. If your backyard is starting to be of no purpose and or maybe even missing a certain something, it’s time to add in a fun design concept to bring it back to life. With the right ideas, you could even make a warm spot for the cold nights. Here are a few fun ways to incorporate design to your outdoor space.


If you’ve got two sturdy trees, tying up a hammock can create a relaxing spot allowing you to take in some fresh air. With a beautiful and well-maintained view, you can unwind with your favourite book or simply allow nature to lull you into a nap. If you’re looking to add in a sense of calm and bring in tropical vibes, hammocks are the way to go!


For many reasons, adding an outdoor furniture set can turn out to be one of the best ideas. It helps create a space for family and friends to hang out beyond simply staying inside at all times. It adds purpose and functionality. It also adds a sense of curb appeal and beauty due to the presence and extension of usable space from inside to out.


Adding in pathways gives your garden and yard a lovely and magical setting. While it does make winding through your garden much easier, it can also give your outdoors a bit of personality and charm. From limestone to brick and stepping pathways you can select a type and style of the pathway that suits your exterior best.


Selecting a fountain that suits and works best for your space can bring in a sense of utmost tranquillity to your outdoor space. The rippling sound of the water is also known to be Zen and calming. It’s a perfect decor statement and feature that adds a scene and focal point to your outdoor area. The visual appeal is also known to increase the value of your home.


Once the sun sets for the day, it’s important to make sure your outdoor remains alive and functional with good lighting. This does not mean a plain old bulb. Instead, use this opportunity to turn your lighting into a wonderful design concept to your exterior by adding unique outdoor style lighting elements that add a sense of magical and lively vibes.

Some of the other ideas include fire pits, sheds, gazebos, etc.

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