1st of December

How To Increase Your Personal Brand Value For a Job

The job market of today is a highly competitive place, with so many being educated and having the right amount of work experience. Many people are stuck at the same place, forever looking for a new job while some of their peers seem to snag jobs at quite a rate.

If you are of the same educational background and have had the same amount of work experience, the only difference between the above two kinds of people could be their brand value. A person’s brand value is the value that a person gains by doing various activities and upholding certain values. The higher your brand value is, the more chances are there of you getting the right job. Here are some ways in which you can increase your brand value.

Set up your own website

If you would look at anyone who has earned their brand value, you would notice that they have their own website. While many would dismiss this idea simply because they assume it to be pompous, it is not so. Creating your website does not mean that you should create a website on your own. Speak to a professional business graphic designer and get the layout right. Then pitch the idea to a web developer to take it to cyberspace.

Acquire professional qualifications

No one who has good brand value is without the right professional qualifications. When acquiring professional qualifications, there are many out there who just follow courses for the sake of doing so. This is not what you should be doing when looking to increase your personal brand value for a job. Focus on your area of interest and obtain relevant professional qualification. This way, not only will you increase your brand value, but you will also increase your bargaining power.

Use opportunities to speak

Speeches, talks and orations are some of the biggest ways in which you can increase your brand value. So try not to shy away from such opportunities and make the most of them. Use your name and your company name as much as possible and ensure that you do a good job of the speech. Remember, a good speech will always be memorable, but a bad speech will be definitely more memorable. So make sure that you do your research before you go ahead and make a speech.

Have a professional photograph

Regardless of whether it is your personal social media accounts, book cover or website, you need to have a professional photographer take your photograph. Avoid using photographs taken from bad cameras and angles and definitely, stay away from selfies.

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