19th of February

Making a CV That Is Noticeable

Today, the job market is extremely competitive. With so many people being educated and having expertise knowledge, it has become more and more difficult to find a job. There are many, who are qualified and some even with work experience, but are unable to get a proper job.

You are constantly in competition with thousands of others. But what makes those employers pick one person over the other? Well, one important thing is your CV. Your CV is similar to a product catalogue that describes the pros and cons of the products. The CV is your first contact with your potential employer. Due to this reason, your CV should be noticeable over the others. Here are some ways in which you too can make your CV more noticeable.

Tell more with less

The first thing about your CV is that it should not be a ten thousand word essay on you. That being said, you should also not leave out that most important criteria that will make you suitable for the job. You simply cannot forward the same CV to any job out there. You need to make adjustments accordingly to the requirement of the job. When doing this, you should catch on the ability to say more with fewer words. Keep things precise and to the point and avoid putting everything in paragraphs. Use plenty of bullet points to make things easy to understand at a glance. Remember, your potential employers are busy and may not have time to mine through words to find out why they should give you the job.

Present things graphically

Another way to make sure that your CV gets noticed is to present things graphically instead of writing them down. You may need the help of a good graphic designer to convert your boring CV into a graphically stimulating one. There are many templates out there on the internet on how you can convert your CV into a graphical one. You can make use of such templates also to say more with fewer words on your CV. However, keep in mind that trying present everything graphically is not a great idea at all times. Some important things such as relevant work experience might be difficult to capture graphically.


One of the worst things that you can do when applying for a job is to send in a CV full of typing errors and grammar mistakes. A CV of such nature will most definitely not stand a chance with a reputed organization. So every time you make an edit to your CV make sure that it is properly proofread by you and another person if possible.

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