16th of September

How Do You Network While Traveling? 5 Ultimate Tips

Just because you are travelling, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t network. You’d be able to meet and connect with many new people, which can help your business grow. Discussed below are all the best tips to help you network while travelling. Read ahead.

Be Observant

Always be aware of what’s going on around you. You might be at the airport when you see someone rocking merchandise from a brand that’s like yours. Approaching these individuals and getting to know them would be smart, as they would likely be interested in the work you do.

Even if you don’t see someone wearing or having something associated with one of your competitors, you might see an individual with something from a brand you like. Approach them, as this would still be an opportunity to get your name out there.

Be Professional

You need to leave a positive impression on the person you are speaking to. One of the best ways to do this is through what you are wearing. Always make sure that you are wearing something professional and tidy. This doesn’t mean wear a suit at all times, but just be presentable. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to smell good either. Splurge on expensive perfume.

Find the Right Spots

Increase your chances of connecting with the locals by finding local networking events that people who are interested in what you do would be present at. This won’t be hard – just look online.

If you’re a wholesale distributor, one of the best places to go would be a farmer’s market. You probably won’t have to look hard for one, as most towns have them every weekend.

Be Confident

Whenever you’re trying to sell a venture to someone, you need to be confident. Even if your pitch is great, and you look professional, the person you are speaking to won’t believe what you are talking about. For the most part, how you dress will affect your mood. Clothes that make you feel good would help you exude the most confidence.

You can try affirmations before you head out. They will help repress any anxiety and awkwardness. As they say, fake it till you make it.

Have Business Cards

It’s important that you have business cards. Hand them so that the person you are speaking to knows how to reach you if they want to work with you.

After you connect with someone, they will remember what you said for a while. However, they would soon forget. But whenever they see your business card, they would remember you, which will help with brand awareness.

A business card will make you look more professional too, which is what you want.

Connecting with people while you are in a new city is not hard. Probably the best tip would be to always be observant and look for events that people that would be interested in what you do would be present. You can check online for such events, as they are sure to be advertised.

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