15th of September

A Newbie’s Guide to Becoming a Better Corporate Public Speaker

Are you going to do some corporate public speaking for the first time? It can be scary, especially if your audience is seniors in your company. However, the best tips that will help are discussed below. Let’s get to it.

Talking Points

Probably the easiest way to become a better public speaker is by making talking points. There is no way you would be able to remember what you are going to discuss otherwise. Make the points as succinct as possible, as you wouldn’t have to carry several pages when speaking.

Of course, make sure the points you have made are important. Don’t discuss topics that will waste the other’s time.

A tip would be to create 3-5 general points and then get into the specific topic you want to discuss. This will create a flow for your presentation or seminar.

Practice Breath Control

A lot of the time, public speaking makes people talk much faster than they usually do. It is the nerves taking control. You can manage this by implementing breathing techniques, as well as being conscious about the speed that you are talking at.

Try pushing air directly from your stomach, and before you take the stage, take 10 deep, slow breaths.


Before taking the stage, practice as many times in front of friends and family as possible. The more times you practice talking in front of a crowd, the more you would ease into it.

You should probably record yourself speak so that you can hear yourself and make note of anything you want to change. Especially look at your body language, as this affects how well you can get your message across.

Learn Your Audience

Who will you be speaking to? Learn more about your audience so that you’ll know the best points to say to get across to them.

Buckle Down on the Anxiety

If you have to do public speaking but have bad anxiety, it will definitely be tough. However, there are professional counselling services that will help. These counselling sessions will go into why you feel the way you do, as well as tips and techniques that will help ease any anxiety when it arises while on stage.

Public Speaking Class

Just like there are many counsellors that can help you, there are many experts offering public speaking classes too. You don’t have to look hard for one near you, as there are probably many classes like this online.

As you can imagine, there would be many tutorials on how to improve on YouTube too. The beauty of these videos is that they are free.

Considering everything discussed, there are many tips that will help to take the stage easier. Make sure that you practice as much as possible and record yourself so that you would know what to change. Of course, do your research on your audience too. This will help you say the right things to get across to them. So, what’d you think?

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