1st of June

How Do You Start a Make-up Brand?

Starting a make-up brand might be a very lucrative move. The below points would let you note everything that’ll help you succeed.


Impulse buying must be considered. More and more brands are getting creative with packaging; buyers flock to things that stick out. Take a look at lines that major companies have recently released– you’d see bright colours and themed uni-cartons.

Once you come up with designs, find the right businesses that can bring them to life.

Make-up Lab

As you’re just starting out, you could make the make-up at home. This can easily be done if it’s going to be simple things like glosses. Just make sure that the space you’ll be making them in is super sterilized.

When things get going, you’ll need to hire a team to do the make up production for you. Be thorough with the lab you choose. It needs to have excellent reviews. The best private label cosmetics brands work hand-in-hand with you to produce the right formulas.


What market will your products be targeting? You could produce make-up especially for darker skinned individuals.  You’d see more success, as there would not be that many companies to compete with.

Depending on your packaging, how well you’d be able to reach your target audience would differ. If you want to appeal to younger generations, packaging that is brighter and in-your-face would work well.

Market Position

Let’s talk about being aware of competitors again. By studying the ones available, you’ll know their values, products and position in the market. You’ll be able to formulate an image that would let you stand out from the rest.

Unfortunately, animal testing is a very real issue in the make-up industry. Market your brand as strongly against this as possible. You could use vegan supplies and sustainable packaging to help.

Have a Store

Where will your products be sold? As a new name in the game, having a physical store might not be possible. Help yourself by creating an online presence. Choose the right platform to run the shop on– Shopify is an excellent option. It was made to host e-commerce sites. Considering you won’t have the most capital as you’re a small company, it’d also be a good choice as it doesn’t cost much.

First impressions are very important. Make sure your website is easy to work and looks good. You don’t want customers to not return, now do you?

Once you’ve been in the game for a while, try and snag deals with many department stores. Your make-up would be sold in them, increasing sales and exposing you to the masses.

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap everything discussed up. If you’re thinking of starting a make-up brand, you’re making a smart move. It could be very lucrative. The products you produce must stand out from competitors. Do your research so that you know their positions in the market. Find the right company to produce the items too – they need to be super high-quality.


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